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Cooling Hood For Bell Furnace

Cooling Hoods also named as cooling chambers are mainly designed for expanding your annealing capacity. When you transfer the material directly to these hoods after they come out of the holding stage, your actual furnace will be ready for the next process much sooner, which will save your time and boost your capacity as well. Industrial Engineers is one of the leading Annealing Furnace Cooling Hood Manufacturers in Delhi. We have a wide range designed as per the requirements defined by our clients.

Attributes Of Our Annealing Furnace Cooling Hoods:

  • Reduce Energy Cost: With this Annealing Furnace Cooling Hood, the cooling process will move and results in more thermal energy store by the furnace for the next batch, which guarantees save in energy cost.
  • Guarantee Stress-Relief Annealing: It can also be used for extending the cooling time, which put a positive impact on the product and process and ensures stress-relief annealing.
  • Customizations Available: These hoods are used for different furnaces and are available in different sizes, materials and other configurations to suit the need of your application.

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